About Islanders Studio

Established in April 2006, the Studio is made of a team of members specialized in art and design related areas. The shop front has been newly opened on the 12th May, 2007. The chief goal of the Studio is to combine art, design, and literature with life style.
As artists, designers and urban observers, we journeyed among islands of urban metropolises, among spaces of different kinds. We think, observe, and participate in the cultural and social pulses of Taiwan and of the world – that very pulse through which creativity and the new ideas of urban life effuse.
The cultures of metropolitan islands provide our base to explore the characteristics of islander and global life styles. Through our explorations we strive to create a way of life suffused with pleasure, comfort, style and creativity.
We are inspired by contemporary culture and life in Taiwan and explore the characteristics of modern life of the world. The creative space of Islanders provides a platform for the interaction between contemporary art, writing and design. It attempts to reflect islanders’ experience between art and practices and to create the art of our generation.