Tao Hua Yuan Paper Cut Lampshade (sold out)

size : 28x28x42cm
Packaging size : 8x8x76cm
Material:  paper


Product Info

  • Tao Hua Yuan is the Chinese equivalence of Utopia in the European civilization. The inspirations of the Tao Hua Yuan Paper Cut Lampshade originated in three major Chinese traditional art: papercutting, shadow play, and the new-year couplets. The Lampshade itself is a multi-layered paper sculpture. Basing on figures reminding us of familiar and cozy household environments, the Lampshade is highlighted by new-year couplets with good wishes and blessings in Chinese, i.e. “The Formosa Island is full of beautiful sceneries, and the communities are showered with happiness.” When the bulb light casting through the layers of paper cut, it projects shadows on the wall and the floor like a shadow play, which quietly performs series of inspiring and interesting dramas. The Lampshade design fully illustrates unique characteristics of Chinese culture and attitudes towards life. No matter how the world evolves and how one’s fortune turns, one is always ready to take up challenges with an open and optimistic mind. 



  • 提問者意 見日 期