Taiwanese Black Bear Lampshade

size : :L30xW30xH40 cm
Packaging size : L71xW91.5xH0.5 cm
Material:  PP


Product Info

  • Endangered Species Wall Lampshade

    With the concept of traditional Chinese paper-cut, this series of wall lampshades are inspired by animals of endangered species, such as Formosan Sika Deer, black bear, owl and wild boar.

    Because of the love for animals we developed this series of wall lampshades to remind the world of their condition of existence. We admire the beauty of these animals through decorative lampshades, instead of hunting or hurting them. The lampshade is made of heatproof plastic paper, which transforms two-dimensional sheets into 3-D volume sculptures via simple folding technique. (No tapes or pins required for assembling the lampshade.)

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