Formosan Scops Owl Lampshade

size : L18xW16xH18 cm
Packaging size : L51xW22xH0.5 cm
Material:  PP


Product Info

  • Formosan Scops Owl only inhabited a small but beautiful island, Lanyu. For its limited distribution and the reducing habitat due to human activities, less than 1,000 Scops Owls were reported to survive in Lanyu. Formosan Scops Owl, therefore, has gained international attention as one endangered bird.

    Formosan Scops Owl is a nocturnal, which is only active during the night. Upon dusk, turn on the lamp and receive the warmest companion of light.

    Transforming the shape of Formosan Scops Owl into a lampshade to admire the beauty of these animals through decorative lampshades, instead of hunting or hurting them.

    蘭嶼島上的達悟族人,稱呼蘭嶼角鴞為『ㄉㄨ ㄉㄨㄨˋ』,其實就是我們通常所說的貓頭鷹。這款「蘭嶼角鴞燈罩」是小夜燈的形式,除了提醒大家關心保育類動物,也藉此更認識台灣這塊土地上不同的生態。在達悟族的傳統中,角鴞被認為是很有神秘感,人們對此保持著敬畏。以這動物作為小夜燈,讓平凡無夢的夜晚滲入了一些遙遠而傳奇的故事,讓夜變得更迷人,也守護著熟睡的人們。

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