The Animals Studio

Size: L14.5xW14.5cm / 11pcs
Material: Paper


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  • The Animals Studio

    Due to unlimited material greed, human beings forever expand the livestock industry through advanced technology and organized management system. In the process of the mechanic production, which aims to maximize production quantity, the livestock breeding conditions have been worsened and became more and more cruel and inhumane. Instead of maintaining the basic animal right, we are concerned with what we can benefit most from products extracting from animals, such as leather, furs, dairy products, goose liver, …etc.. As a consequence, crocodiles only meant high-end leather goods for us, lamb are for smooth leather, and geese are the sources of gourmet food and feathers…. Basing on greed and the self-centered mindset, human beings have legitimized the idea of objectifying animals. This mindset is also applied to non-livestock animals, such as urban stray cats and dogs, and a large number of endangered spices. Animals have no way to protect themselves.

    Use a bit of imagination! If animals can speak for themselves, if they can protest, maybe they would propose alternative ways to live in dignity and peace alongside us…? As the “highest order” of all beings, perhaps we should start to think about how not to exploit other beings of the world and live peacefully with nature.

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