The Elizabethan collar (ML)

Size (ML): For a neck size at around 40cm ( The Velcro can adjust neck size ±5cm)/ the depth is 24.5cm.

Product 100% made in Taiwan

Material: Recyclable PP, extra light, extra thin, resistant.


Product Info

  • The Elizabethan collar is not only a protective medical device for pets, but also an accessory. It prevents the pets from biting or licking its body or scratching at its head or neck while wounds or injuries heal. This design of Elizabethan collars uses soft fabric to wrap the sharp edge of the collar and to increase comforts for pets. The Velcro part of the collar makes it convenient to attach and to remove the collar. There are a variety of carefully designed innovative patterns, incluing Indian chief, kiwi, rainbow, strawberries cake, orange slices…etc.. They instantly turn the pets into sweet and cute looks, be it a super hero, or an adorable strawberry cake! A humorous touch in the design, which hopefully makes healing process more a lot smoother!!



  • Attention:

    1. Before purchasing this product, please measure the circumference of your pet’s neck and the length of chest. It is important for getting the right size of the collar for your pets. Each dog or cat has different neck size, even the same breed pets could have different size. Please measure carefully your pet’s neck size and length, before purchasing this product.

    2. The product tends to be used with direct contact of wounds, therefore except the defects caused in the process of production, we accept no return or refund for this product due to hygienic concerns. 


    Size (ML)::頸圍約40公分(魔鬼氈可調整±5公分)/深度24.5公分

    材質選用PP可回收塑料 超薄、超輕、彈性耐用

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