Small Talk Collar (XS)

Neck size: 9”-11” (inch)

Cotton ribbon width: 1/2” (inch)

Leash length: 45” (inch)

Leash ribbon width: 1/2” (inch)


Product Info

  • Do you feel confused while your pet walking alone by itself, sometimes getting lost on the street, or sometimes forgetting their regime of diet and starting to beg for food from strangers?

    “Small Talk” Harness and leash are like a comic speaking bubble for the pets. It builds up a bridge between pets and human. Put what the pets need for letting passersby to understand and perfectly avoid the misunderstandings. What’s even better, we match bold colors with geometrical pattern to make pets look more energetic and chic!


    Product features:

    1.Bold and experimental color combinations and humourous phrases on the collar, which makes your pet stand out !!

    2.Easy and simply to change the phrases, according to different needs, circumstances, and mood.

    3. Cotton material used, which does not damage pet’s skin and hair.

    4. We provide also the customerization of phrases. Make your own personal slogans. (The phrase should be limited to under 30 letters.) 

    Small Talk項圈牽繩組


  • Attention: Before purchase this product, please make sure of measuring your pet’s neck size and breast length!!

    1. Each dog or cat has different neck size, even the same breed pets could have different size. Please measure carefully your pet’s neck size and length, before purchasing this product.

    2. Due to the hygienic reason, the return of this product will not be acceptable.

    According to each pet’s need, pet’s master can customize the phrase, which is removable and changeable, on the collar. Copyright by Islanders Studio, TAIWAN


    頸圍:23~29 cm /織帶寬度:1.3 cm  /牽繩(大)長度:116 cm 織帶寬度:1.3 cm  

    *本產品已取得設計專利保護,仿冒必究。Copyright by Islanders Studio, Taiwan your pet stand out !!

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