Run! Get rid of clichés!

Size: L15.5xW15.5xH8cm
Packaging size : L19xW18xH10.5cm
Material: Ceramics


Product Info

  • No time better than the present

    Everyone has his or her own ideas about how the belle epoch should be, and these ideas are what drive one to live positively and creatively. In an ever-fast speed our world has been changing. Only through seizing every moment can one innovate and catch up with the current. Don’t be stuck by any obstructions, because time never waits.

     As artist, designer and urban observer, the Islanders Studio participates, observes and reflects on the culture and social pulses of the islanders. Taking contemporary cultural life and life style as starting points, we explore the characteristics of the contemporary islander culture. “Nothing better Than This Moment” Calendar is a work inspired by contemporary issues of our society, e.g. social alienation and tension, industrial pollution, and the over-exploitation of nature and animal. Art is a powerful means to examine critical issues of a society. If you look awry and act creatively, art with sarcasm and deep criticism can also possess a strong sense of humour!


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