Oops Kitchen Paper Holder

Size: L53xW16xH25cm

Material: Synthetic cloth


Product Info

  • Oops Kitchen Paper Holder

    It’s just a paper holder, what can one be excited about?

     The Islanders Studio has transformed the unique body shape of Dachshund into a domestic helper both in terms of its meaning and its function. The smooth fine finish of hand-made Paper Holder with its unique pattern of natural wood plate demonstrates a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design innovations.

    The Oops Paper Holder is a little bodyguard of his master. He is ready to serve anytime and anywhere. Be it in the kitchen or in the dining room, he will always seize the opportunity to do his job. Every time when you replace an empty paper role with a new one, he will feel like wearing a suit of new clothes. Oops Kitchen Paper Holder will always keep you company confidently and proudly.

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