Tropical Jungle Island Table Lampshade/Green/Blue

In this verdant tropical jungle there are not merely lush palm leaves, banana trees, variegated ivy and hibiscus flowers, but also elephants and leopards.  Looking at the Tropical Jungle Island Lampshade in the dim light, it feels as if one is being embraced by refreshing breezes with a touch of humidity and earth in a summer afternoon after the tropical monsoon…. Taking a step nearer towards the Lampshade and don’t be surprised. This is neither the wonderland of Alice’s Adventures nor the uninhabited island of Robinson Crusoe. It is the mysterious yet welcoming tropical jungle island upon which a wide range of butterflies, birds, caterpillars, …. and exuberant plants dwell. It is a world awaiting your exploration!  Be it a summer night or a winter day, with the Tropical Jungle Island Lampshade tenderly and tranquilly by your side you will be able to submerge in your own wonderland and work creatively. Ah, don’t switch it off just yet!


綠盈盈的熱帶叢林裡,除了生機盎然油綠的棕梠葉、香蕉樹、藤蔓、扶桑花,還有大象和野豹!微暗的燈光下、望著它,彷彿在剛下過一陣雷陣雨的夏日午後,濕潤而清新的空氣、混著泥土的芬芳氣息,正迎面陣陣溫柔地向你飄來 無論夏夜,或者冬日,在它溫柔靜默的陪伴下,都能恣意地浸沉在無盡放鬆氛圍。



Product Info

  • Size:42x42x38 cm


    1.This table lampshade is suitable for E27 socket. 

    2.To avoid breaking the lampshade parts, please do not apply pressure on them when taking them

       off the whole sheet. Be careful not to tear it with force.

    3.This is an atmospheric lampshade designed for lights to come through the shade as decoration. 

       It is not designed to light up the room.

    4.Do not use the lampshade with an overheating bulb or near an open flame.  Please do not use

       incandescent light bulbs exceeding 8 watts over 8 hours. Do not use light bulbs directly in 

       contact with the lampshade. Always make sure there is enough space between the bulb and the

       lampshade for ventilation.

    5.Do not install this lampshade outdoors or in any humid space, ex: bathroom.

    6.Bulbs, electric wires, and cables are NOT included in this product.  

    組合後體積:42x42x38 cm


    1. 本產品未附電源及燈泡。





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